SAAGA | About Us
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Who We Are

Healthcare is an information intense field. Globally healthcare is going through a series of changes due to advancement in medical technologies. Saaga Healthcare was born out of a need to help the medical professionals to streamline their operations. To unclutter the maze of information, to organise and store, and have every piece of relevant information at the tap of a key is the draw of Saaga Healthcare. This is an introduction to an integrated platform of clinical modules that answers to regulatory and practical requirements enterprise-wide and exceeds the needs of facilities over the spectrum of healthcare.


What We Do

Saaga Healthcare was founded on two principles for success, quality product and unparalleled services. Designed with intuitive user interface, our modules software is scalable and easy to implement, making us the obvious choice for small, mid-sized and large private as well as public sector hospitals.

The results of our commitment and endeavors are obvious in our technologically superior, integrated solutions that empowers healthcare organizations to lower their costs– and enhance the quality of their services.

How We Do It

Our development team comprises of industry – certified technical experts who have a strong understanding of the evolving trends in the healthcare industry. We pride ourselves on our high standards and approachable nature. Our mission, vision and values outline who we are, what we seek to achieve and how we want to achieve them.


Our Offices